Signs that your baby is full

Just as your baby gives you signs when she is hungry, she will also give you cues to let you know when she is full. 

Signs that your baby is full include: 

  • Cessation of hunger cues: Your baby, when satisfied, will stop signaling hunger. Expect a decrease in restlessness, movements, and hand-to-mouth motions. 
  • Slowing down suckling: As your baby finishes feeding, she is likely to shift to quicker, lighter suckling with longer pauses in between. 
  • Releasing the breast: Your baby may stop suckling and let go of your breast when she is satisfied. (If she falls asleep without releasing your nipple, just slip a clean finger into the corner of her mouth to break the suction and remove her from your breast.) 
  • Relaxing her posture: Your baby may relax (fists uncurl) and begin to appear drowsy and content as she gets full. 

Feeding patterns change over time. For example, the time between feedings typically shortens during growth spurts and lengthens as your baby gets older. But regardless of when your baby last fed, offer your breast at the first sign of hunger, and let your baby nurse until she signals that she is full and satisfied. If you think you see signs of fullness, but your baby resists being taken off the breast, try switching to the opposite breast or continue nursing for a few more minutes before trying, again, to end the feeding.

Last updated July 13, 2020

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