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Welcome to the baby gooroo video series

Welcome To The Baby Gooroo Video Series

Parents advice

Breastfeeding Advice From Other Parents

Finding help

Finding Help With Breastfeeding

Mom shows how to get a great latch

How To Get A Good Breastfeeding Latch

Enough to eat

How Can I Tell My Baby Is Getting Enough To Eat?

Dad's can help too

How Can Dad Help?

How to hold your baby

How Do I Hold My Baby During Breastfeeding?

mom, dad and baby on the couch

Parents Reveal The Hardest Parts Of Breastfeeding


How Do I Stop My Baby From Biting?

breastfeeding in public

What About Breastfeeding In Public?


When Should I Introduce Solid Foods?

Signs your baby is hungry

Signs That Your Baby Is Hungry