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Is It Safe?

What reliable sources can pregnant and breastfeeding women use to find out what’s safe to consume—and what’s not? more


What Is Baby-Led Breastfeeding?

Will my baby be born with an innate ability to breastfeed? more

baby breastfeeding_9

When Will My Baby Stop Waking Up At Night To Eat?

My baby has been waking up multiple times throughout the night to breastfeed. When will nighttime feedings end? more

baby breastfeeding_5

Do I Need To Switch Sides When Breastfeeding?

I’ve heard that I should switch sides while breastfeeding my baby and have my baby feed from both breasts at every feeding. Is this necessary? more

baby breastfeeding_30

What Are The Signs My Baby Is Full?

How will I know if my breastfed baby is full and done feeding? more


What Are The Signs My Baby Is Hungry?

How can I tell when my breastfed baby is hungry and not just fussy for other reasons? more

baby breastfeeding_24

How Can I Safely Nurse My Baby At Night?

What is the best and safest way for me to nurse my baby during the night? more

baby breastfeeding_10

What Is Breast Crawl?

Will my baby instinctively know how to breastfeed when he is born? more

baby breastfeeding_18

Is Codeine Safe For Breastfeeding Mothers?

Is it safe to take codeine while I am breastfeeding? more

baby breastfeeding_3

How Do I Manage Plugged Ducts?

I have a small, painful lump in my breast. How can I tell if it’s a plugged duct or something more serious? more