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baby breastfeeding_91

Is Codeine Safe For Breastfeeding Mothers?

Is it safe to take codeine while I am breastfeeding? more

baby breastfeeding_90

How Do I Manage Plugged Ducts?

I have a small, painful lump in my breast. How can I tell if it’s a plugged duct or something more serious? more

baby breastfeeding_89

Can I Breastfeed If There Is Blood In My Milk?

My nipples are cracked and bleeding. Do I need to stop breastfeeding? Will the blood in my milk hurt my baby? more


Do I Need To Follow A Special Diet While Breastfeeding?

Do I need to change what I eat when I breastfeed? Do I need to avoid certain foods? more

baby breastfeeding_88

Is There A Remedy For Sore Nipples?

My nipples are cracked and bleeding. They are so painful I am almost tempted to stop breastfeeding. What can I do? more

woman looking nervous or embarrassed

How Can I Keep My Breasts From Leaking?

Every time I leave the house my breasts leak, so much so that a wet spot appears on my shirt (how embarrassing!). What can I do to stop the leaking? more


Do I Need To Throw Away My Frozen Breast Milk If There Is A Power Outage?

How long can the power be out before I need to worry about my frozen breast milk? more


When Can I Start Using A Breast Pump?

I am returning to work 6 weeks after my baby is born. When can I start to pump my breasts and how will pumping affect my milk supply? more

courtesy of Together With Baby

Why Does My Newborn Have Black Poop?

Why is my newborn baby’s poop black? Is this normal? more


Can I Breastfeed My Preemie?

My baby was born 8 weeks premature. Will he ever be able to breastfeed? more