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baby sleeping_11

What Is SUID?

Is SUID different than SIDS and how can I reduce my baby’s risk? more

baby asleep on a leather sofa

Don’t Let Your Baby Sleep On A Sofa

You may think the sofa is a suitable place for your baby to nap. It’s soft. It’s convenient. It doesn’t seem all that different from a bed. You can fold a load of laundry and still keep an eye on... more

baby sleeping_3

What Is SIDS?

What is SIDS, and how can I reduce my baby’s risk? more

baby sleeping_4

How Do I Keep My Baby Safe While Sleeping?

Do I always have to put my baby to sleep on her back? Is a crib the safest place for her to sleep? more

baby sleeping_2

“Back To Sleep” Turns 20

It was 20 years ago that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) first called for parents and caregivers not to place their babies on their tummies for sleep. Two years later, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development... more

baby sleeping_9

When Can My Child Sleep On Her Belly?

I hear that all babies should be put to sleep on their backs. How long do I need to do this? When can my child safely sleep on her belly? more


Can I Use A Crib Bumper?

Fluffy blankets, comforters, and pillows are not recommended for a baby's crib—but what's wrong with using a crib bumper? more

swaddled baby_1

How Can I Safely Swaddle My Baby?

Is there a right or wrong way to safely swaddle a baby? more

swaddled baby_2

Is Swaddling Safe?

Is it safe to swaddle my baby at bedtime and naptimes? more


What Is the Ideal Temperature For My Baby’s Room?

Can my baby overheat at night? What is the ideal temperature for my baby’s room? more