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chemicals & contaminants

spray-on sunscreen

Are Spray-On Sunscreens Dangerous?

Are spray-on sunscreens a good choice for my active child? more


Is Dirt Bad For Babies?

Is it okay to let my baby dig in the dirt? I don’t worry about her messing up her clothes but I do worry about her health. more

lead-painted toy car

What You Need To Know About Lead

“Lead poisoning” sounds dramatic and deliberate, but it is a serious health disorder affecting nearly a half-million U.S. children. It goes largely undetected because it is caused by a substance that is often too small to see and that can... more

lead paint

Cover Up Chipped Paint?

When babies begin to crawl, parents begin to worry about exposure to lead and lead poisoning. How can parents make sure their child does not ingest lead? more


What Are Parabens?

How can parents reduce their child's risk of exposure to common household products containing parabens? more


Are Pesticides Linked To ADHD?

Will my baby have an increased risk of ADHD if he’s exposed to pesticides in foods? more

sippy cup_5

How Harmful Is BPA To A Child’s Health?

Is BPA really harmful to my baby’s health? more

child with a rubber ducky

Where Can I Find Non-Toxic Toys?

How can I be sure my children’s toys are safe for them and good for the environment? more

paint cans

What Are Low-VOC Paints?

How do I know which paints are the safest, healthiest choice for my family? more

chemical sprayer

Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy

Bug sprays, repellents, and other chemical pesticides market themselves as helpful, ridding your house and yard of bothersome insects. But at what cost? New research from the American Pregnancy Association (APA) finds unborn babies to be among the most vulnerable... more