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overweight & obesity

girl drinking orange juice

Can I Give My Child Juice?

Is it really all that unhealthy to give my child sugar-sweetened drinks? more


Sugar & The Hyperactive Child

For decades now, sugar-laden holidays have been a source of celebration and consternation. Parents and grandparents alike happily satisfy a child’s sweet tooth with birthday cakes, Christmas cookies, and Halloween candies, and then brace themselves for the ensuing “sugar high.”... more


Are Formula-Fed Babies At Greater Risk For Obesity?

Will my baby’s risk for obesity be greater if I need to supplement with formula? more

baby breastfeeding_28

Will Nighttime Nursing Increase My Baby’s Risk For Obesity?

Is my child at an increased risk for obesity if he regularly wakes to breastfeed throughout the night? more


Will Early Introduction Of Solid Foods Increase My Baby’s Risk Of Obesity?

Will introducing solid foods before 6 months of age increase a baby's risk of developing obesity later in life? more

baby breastfeeding_23

Will Breastfeeding Reduce My Child’s Risk Of Obesity?

Can any amount of breastfeeding reduce my child's risk of obesity later in life? more