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helping kids eat healthy

bowl of sugar cereal_1

Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe For Kids?

Is it safe to give a child food containing artificial sweeteners? more

girl drinking orange juice

Can I Give My Child Juice?

Is it really all that unhealthy to give my child sugar-sweetened drinks? more


Does Sugar Make Kids Hyperactive?

For decades now, sugar-laden holidays have been a source of celebration and consternation. Parents and grandparents alike happily satisfy a child’s sweet tooth with birthday cakes, Christmas cookies, and Halloween candies, and then brace themselves for the ensuing “sugar high.”... more


Natural Ways To Boost Immunity

Adding natural immune boosters to your child’s diet may reduce the number, severity, and duration of common childhood infections. Here are the more popular immune boosters. more


Which Produce Has The Most Pesticides?

Which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticides and are best to buy organic? more


Can Pesticides Put My Baby At Risk For ADHD?

Will my baby have an increased risk of ADHD if he’s exposed to pesticides in foods? more

girl pouting_2

How Can I Get My Picky Eater To Eat?

My toddler is a super picky eater, often refusing the foods we offer at meals and snacktimes. What can we do to get her interested in food? more

mother and baby_6

What Is WIC?

What is WIC and who qualifies? more

girl pouting_3

What Do I Do If My Picky Eater Refuses To Eat?

When should I be worried about my picky eater, and what can I do about her refusal to eat? more

Got Iron?

Kids need to consume iron-rich foods; here is our list of 10 foods your kids will eat, plus ideas on how to serve them. more