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keeping kids fit


Does Sugar Make Kids Hyperactive?

Generations of well-meaning parents and highly educated doctors can’t all be wrong…or can they? For decades now, sugar-laden holidays have been a source of celebration and consternation. Parents and grandparents alike happily satisfy a child’s sweet tooth with birthday cakes,... more

child doing yoga

Is Yoga Safe For Babies & Small Children?

Ever since Russian yoga instructor Lena Fokina posted a video of herself on the Internet in January 2011 swinging newborns around by their limbs, yoga for babies and young children has been called into question. YouTube has since removed the... more

baby with remote control_1

Turn Off The TV, Tune Into Your Children

Why is television so appealing to toddlers? Whether it’s the bright lights or the colorful shapes, it’s almost like my 14-month-old son is transfixed with the tube the minute I turn it on. Though it’s tempting to spend a few... more