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growth & development

Ditch the pants

12 Must-Try Potty Training Tips

Must-try tips to help you—and your child—face this parenting challenge with a smile (and some reality). more


Reducing The Risk Of Preterm Birth

Updated April 23, 2015 Each year, in the United States (U.S.), nearly 450,000 babies are born prematurely. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) preterm birth—birth before 37 weeks of gestation—is the second leading cause of infant... more

mom and baby talking_1

New Standard For Fetal & Newborn Growth

A team of researchers led by experts from Oxford University (U.K.) have, for the first time, developed an international standard for assessing babies’ growth during pregnancy and size at birth. Drawing on the same multi-site approach used by the World... more


Does My Baby Need A Vitamin K Shot?

Will the hospital require a nurse to administer a vitamin K shot to my baby immediately after birth? more

two babies talking

When Can My Baby Understand Language?

When will my baby be able to understand words and their meanings? more


Is Dirt Bad For Babies?

Is it okay to let my baby dig in the dirt? I don’t worry about her messing up her clothes but I do worry about her health. more

helmet therapy

Helmet Therapy May Not Help Infant Skull Flattening

Helmet therapy is a common and costly treatment for infants who develop positional skull deformity—a medical condition known as plagiocephaly that is often marked by a flattening of the back of the child’s head during the first few months of... more

mother and baby_12

What Is RIE Parenting?

Kids will be kids, right? Not necessarily for those parents embracing a style of parenting developed in the late 1970s that has seen a rebirth in recent months, thanks in part to both its celebrity following and media scrutiny. The... more

cesarean birth_3

U.S. Doctors Aim To Cut Cesarean Rate

It is hard to fathom why nearly one in three U.S. births involves surgery, but recent data show this to be true. While cesareans (c-sections) are sometimes necessary from a medical standpoint, they carry with them several risks, including longer... more

mom and baby talking_2

Baby Talk Amounts To Big Vocabulary

The phrase “baby talk” conjures an image of grandparents gathered around a crib fawning over a newborn while making noises like “goo goo” and “gaa gaa.” In reality, baby talk—or parentese, as it is known in the scientific community—is a... more