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growth & development

Ditch the pants

12 Must-Try Potty Training Tips

Must-try tips to help you—and your child—face this parenting challenge with a smile (and some reality). more


Reducing The Risk Of Preterm Birth

Updated April 23, 2015 Each year, in the United States (U.S.), nearly 450,000 babies are born prematurely. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) preterm birth—birth before 37 weeks of gestation—is the second leading cause of infant... more

mom and baby talking_1

New Standard For Fetal & Newborn Growth

A team of researchers led by experts from Oxford University (U.K.) have, for the first time, developed an international standard for assessing babies’ growth during pregnancy and size at birth. Drawing on the same multi-site approach used by the World... more


Does My Baby Need A Vitamin K Shot?

Will the hospital require a nurse to administer a vitamin K shot to my baby immediately after birth? more

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How You Talk Is Key To Baby’s Language Development

“He certainly looks as if there’s something on his mind,” I remember my husband saying about our first baby, then about 6 or 7 months old. “If only he could tell us what he’s thinking!” Of course, our baby couldn’t... more

two babies talking

When Can My Baby Understand Language?

When will my baby be able to understand language? When will he learn the words and also their meanings? more

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Anesthesia In Infancy Linked To Memory Deficits

If your baby needs surgery, odds are that the anesthesia he receives is the least of your worries. The medication is simply unavoidable. Still, it’s a good idea to learn what you can about how such drugs may affect your... more


Antidepressants During Pregnancy Do Not Increase Babies’ Heart Defect Risk

An estimated 10–15 percent of women experience clinical depression during pregnancy or during the postpartum period and antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed drug for people aged 18 to 44, a woman’s adult reproductive years. Over the past decade, conflicting... more

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Infant Self-Regulation Problems May Lead To Increased TV Time

It comes as no surprise that in today’s hyper-digital world, children as young as 2 can navigate an app on their parents’ iPads and call Grandma via Facetime. Screens are such a common part of everyday life that parents are... more


Is Dirt Bad For Babies?

Is it okay to let my baby dig in the dirt? I don’t worry about her messing up her clothes but I do worry about her health. more