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baby breastfeeding_34

When Should I Stop Breastfeeding?

When should I begin the weaning process with my child? more

child breastfeeding_4

Will My Child Wean Himself?

If I choose not to initiate weaning, will my child take the lead and eventually wean himself? more

baby breastfeeding_15

Will Weaning Be Painful?

My daughter and I have reached the weaning stage. I am worried about engorgement and pain. What can I do to make weaning painless? more

baby breastfeeding_31

What Are Nursing Strikes?

My 6-month-old baby has been exclusively breastfeeding until recently when we introduced one bottle a day. About one week after her first bottle, she started squirming at the breast refusing to nurse. Could she be self-weaning already?! more

baby breastfeeding_25

Should I Wean My Baby Gradually?

Should I wean my baby gradually or abruptly stop nursing? more

baby breastfeeding_34

Do I Need To Wean My Baby At 1 Year?

Do experts recommend the weaning process begin at 1 year of age? more

child breastfeeding_3

What Is Child-Led Weaning?

What is the difference between child-led weaning and mother-led weaning? more

baby breastfeeding_22

How Do I Night Wean My Child?

I would like to keep breastfeeding during the day, but stop the nighttime feedings. Is that possible? more

child breastfeeding_1

Weaning 101

When to wean and how are among the many questions parents ask about breastfeeding. The short answers are when you and your baby decide you’re ready and gradually. But short answers don’t begin to address the myriad of circumstances in... more


How Do I Stop My Baby From Biting?

There is no need to stop breastfeeding just because your baby has teeth! If biting does occur, it’s usually at the end of a feeding when a baby is no longer sucking and swallowing. Fortunately, biting can be easily managed... more