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supplements & bottle-feeding

infant formula_6

Is Soy-Based Formula Better Than Cow’s Milk Formula?

Should parents choose a soy-based infant formula over cow's milk-based formula? more

father and newborn holding hands

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Vitamin D Deficient?

Are there warning signs a baby may be vitamin D deficient? more

infant formula_5

Is Infant Formula Regulated?

How is infant formula regulated by the FDA? more


Caring For Your Bottle-Fed Baby

Back when I became a mother, my neighbors considered me a bit exotic. “Breastfeeding?” asked one of them over the back fence, “Didn’t that go out with the hoop skirt?” I was definitely in the minority among American women at... more


Tips For Bottle-Feeding A Breastfed Baby

Updated July 17, 2015 When mothers return to work or school, they are oftentimes faced with a new reality: Learning how to bottle-feed their breastfed baby. Ultimately, bottle-feeding a breastfed baby should ensure that the baby gets the nutrients he... more


Are Formula-Fed Babies At Greater Risk For Obesity?

Will my baby’s risk for obesity be greater if I need to supplement with formula? more

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Is Organic Infant Formula Healthiest?

Is organic infant formula worth the added cost? more

baby sleeping_2

Can A Bedtime Bottle Help My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

Is it true that a bottle of formula before bedtime can help a baby sleep through the night? more

Diarrhea & constipation

The Scoop On Poop

Why does my baby’s poop look like that?! Find out here. more

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Does My Bottle-Fed Baby Need A Formula With Iron?

Should I use an infant formula with iron, and if so, does my baby need an additional iron supplement? more