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supplements & bottle-feeding

infant formula_5

Is Infant Formula Regulated?

How is infant formula regulated by the FDA? more


Caring For Your Bottle-Fed Baby

Back when I became a mother, my neighbors considered me a bit exotic. “Breastfeeding?” asked one of them over the back fence, “Didn’t that go out with the hoop skirt?” I was definitely in the minority among American women at... more

infant formula_3

Early Use Of Infant Formula A Slippery Slope

It appears that the end may justify the means after all. At least that’s what the results of a recent study in Pediatrics suggest. Spurred by widespread efforts to increase breastfeeding rates—from banning hospital gift bags with infant formula samples... more


Tips For Bottle-Feeding A Breastfed Baby

Updated July 17, 2015 When mothers return to work or school, they are oftentimes faced with a new reality: Learning how to bottle-feed their breastfed baby. Ultimately, bottle-feeding a breastfed baby should ensure that the baby gets the nutrients he... more


Are Formula-Fed Babies At Greater Risk For Obesity?

Will my baby’s risk for obesity be greater if I need to supplement with formula? more

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Is Organic Infant Formula Better?

Is it true that organic infant formula is a healthier formula choice and worth the added cost? more

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AAP Resolution On Free Infant Formula Not Among Top 10

July, 2012, Massachusetts became the second state to ensure that families in its hospitals and birthing centers would not be inundated with formula marketing bags. But Massachusetts is not alone in its efforts to restrict formula marketing. November, 2011, Laura... more

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No Infant Formula Is “Best”

Soy-based formula was developed as an alternative food source for infants who didn’t have access to human milk and couldn’t tolerate cow’s milk protein. Soy-based formula was first released in 1929, but it wasn’t until federal regulations were introduced in... more

baby sleeping_2

Can A Bedtime Bottle Help My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

Is it true that a bottle of formula before bedtime can help a baby sleep through the night? more

Diarrhea & constipation

The Scoop On Poop

Why does my baby’s poop look like that?! Find out here. more