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9 Tips For Breastfeeding Multiples

Every new mother has moments of uncertainty. What will life be like when my baby arrives? Will I be able to breastfeed? Those concerns are often magnified for mothers expecting twins, triplets, or more! Even though breasts are designed to... more

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Adoptive Breastfeeding Offers Special Bond

Every baby benefits from the powerful nutrition and protection that only breastfeeding can offer. Every baby—including those who have been adopted. Inducing lactation for adoptive breastfeeding is possible, and sometimes achieving a full milk supply is attainable. But as many... more

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Natural Disasters Call For Breast Milk

Nothing underscores the importance of breastfeeding like a natural disaster. In the absence of food, water, shelter, and aid, breastfeeding offers the best chance for child survival—a fact that was clearly demonstrated in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake and now... more

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Call For Awareness, Not Alarm, On Milk Sharing

“Online breastmilk ‘bad for babies’”—as though the baby in question were suckling from the very teat of the faceless, unknowable Internet. Were that the case, I would certainly agree. Another attention-grabbing headline referencing a newly released study declares, “Online breast... more


Can I Breastfeed My Preemie?

My baby was born 8 weeks premature. Will he ever be able to breastfeed? more


Can I Breastfeed After A Cesarean Birth?

I am scheduled to have a cesarean birth for health-related reasons, and I am worried that I won’t be able to breastfeed. Should I be concerned? more


How Do I Breastfeed Twins?

I am pregnant with twin girls and plan to breastfeed. Any tips for nursing multiples? more

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Can A Woman Breastfeed Another Mother’s Child?

Is it okay for a woman to breastfeed another mother’s child? more

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Breast Milk: A Tool To Fight HIV?

Is there anything breastfeeding can’t do? The health benefits of breastfeeding have been well established by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and others, but researchers now suggest that breast milk may have a role in fighting HIV. About 34... more

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Sharing Breast Milk: What’s Right For You?

Since pre-history, mothers in need of human milk have relied on other mothers in their family and community with milk to spare and share. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, the second-best feeding option, after breastfeeding, is... more