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common questions


Which Medications Are Safe?

Pregnant? Breastfeeding? Sick? Reluctant to take medication for fear it will harm your baby? You’re not alone. Expectant and new parents have long received mixed messages when it comes to drug safety. Now, with more and more parents turning to... more

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How Do I Manage Plugged Ducts?

I have a small, painful lump in my breast. How can I tell if it’s a plugged duct or something more serious? more

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Can I Breastfeed If There Is Blood In My Milk?

My nipples are cracked and bleeding. Do I need to stop breastfeeding? Will the blood in my milk hurt my baby? more


Do I Need To Follow A Special Diet While Breastfeeding?

Do I need to change what I eat when I breastfeed? Do I need to avoid certain foods? more


Fish Facts Made Simple

Confused about how much seafood (fish and shellfish) to eat during pregnancy or while breastfeeding? Blame it on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Four months have passed since a group of bipartisan Senators sent a letter to President Obama... more

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Breastfeeding Intentions Go Unrealized For Many Mothers

New mothers seldom need to be convinced to try breastfeeding; they know that it is the healthiest choice for their babies. What they do need, however (but often fail to get), is adequate support, especially in the first two weeks... more


Sick? Breastfeeding? AAP Says Don’t Stop!

Citing the need to keep breastfeeding babies “safe,” doctors often tell breastfeeding mothers who get sick and need medication to stop breastfeeding, unaware that most medications are safe to take while breastfeeding. In an effort to keep mothers breastfeeding during... more

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Why Does My Newborn Have Black Poop?

Why is my newborn baby’s poop black? Is this normal? more


Can Certain Foods Increase My Milk Supply?

Are there certain foods I can eat that will increase my milk supply? more


True Or False? Breastfeeding Facts Revealed!

Unravel the common breastfeeding myths and discover what’s fact and what’s fiction. more