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common questions

baby breastfeeding_29

Do Nursing Mothers Get Less Sleep?

Do mothers who breastfeed day and night get less sleep than mothers who bottle-feed? more

father and newborn holding hands

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Vitamin D Deficient?

Are there warning signs a baby may be vitamin D deficient? more

baby breastfeeding_19

Can I Breastfeed If I Am Sick?

Is it safe to breastfeed my baby if I am sick? What if I am taking medication for the illness? more

salmon sushi

Can I Eat Sushi If I Am Breastfeeding?

Is it safe for my baby if I choose to eat sushi while breastfeeding? more


Can I Reduce My Child’s Risk Of Celiac Disease?

Will my child develop celiac disease if there is a family history of the condition? more

baby breastfeeding_9

When Do Nighttime Feedings End?

When do most babies stop waking up at night to eat? more

No caffeine

Breastfeeding Diet Myths

Breastfeeding moms need a special diet? Here are some myths you’re likely to hear—and the facts you can rely on. more

baby breastfeeding_6

Can Breastfeeding Mothers Safely Use Marijuana?

Can recreational or medical use of marijuana by a nursing mother harm her baby? more

baby breastfeeding_30

What Are The Signs My Baby Is Full?

How will I know if my breastfed baby is full and done feeding? more


What Are The Signs My Baby Is Hungry?

How can I tell when my breastfed baby is hungry and not just fussy for other reasons? more