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breastfeeding basics

baby breastfeeding_14

What Are The “Ten Steps To Successful Breastfeeding”?

Will my birthing center follow the "Ten Steps"? more

baby breastfeeding_12

Breastfeeding App Gives Moms A Confidence Boost

In the very early days of breastfeeding my own son, I felt compelled to take note of every feed, almost obsessively so, intent on “doing it right.” I wrote down feeding times and durations in a notebook and even wore... more

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Breastfeeding Diet Myths

Breastfeeding moms need a special diet? Here are some myths you’re likely to hear—and the facts you can rely on. more

baby breastfeeding_5

Do I Need To Switch Sides When Breastfeeding?

I’ve heard that I should switch sides while breastfeeding my baby and have my baby feed from both breasts at every feeding. Is this necessary? more

You! Lingerie Signature You! Collection

Our Favorite Nursing Bras

The “perfect nursing bra” depends entirely upon the needs and preferences of the unique women who wear them. Here are 10 of our favorites... more


What Are The Signs My Baby Is Hungry?

How can I tell when my breastfed baby is hungry and not just fussy for other reasons? more

baby breastfeeding_10

What Is Breast Crawl?

Will my baby instinctively know how to breastfeed when he is born? more

baby breastfeeding_11

Baby’s First Breastfeeding

You’ve read the books. You’ve watched the videos. You’ve attended the classes. You’ve anticipated and wondered: “Will I be able to breastfeed?” “Will it be painful?” “Will I make enough milk?” “What will I do if I can’t breastfeed?” Truthfully,... more

baby breastfeeding_15

Movie Review: Breastmilk

Breastmilk: The Movie is true to its title. This newly released documentary tackles nearly all of the most common breastfeeding concerns including skeptical hospital staff, low milk supply, inadequate baby’s weight gain, lack of support from partners, friends, and WIC staff,... more


Power Of Touch: 10 Benefits Of Skin-To-Skin

During pregnancy, babies are as close to their moms as they can be—getting warmth, food, protection, and oxygen from their mother’s body. Then, labor occurs and babies suddenly find themselves without immediate access to those essential needs. It is not... more