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Woes of the breast pump

10 Need-To-Know Pumping Tips

Breast pumping experiences vary widely from mother to mother. Some mothers may pump several times a day to provide milk for a baby who hasn’t mastered the art of breastfeeding. Some may pump only once in a while, when they... more

pumped breast milk

When Can I Start Using A Breast Pump?

How soon should a new mother begin using a breast pump and how will pumping affect her milk supply? more

bacteria cells

Is It Safe To Share Breast Pumps?

Is it ever safe to share a breast pump or to use a hand-me-down pump? more

mother and baby_15

How Often Will I Need To Pump At Work?

I am going back to work after my maternity leave ends. I plan to have the child care provider feed my baby my expressed milk until he is at least 1 year old. How often will I need to pump at work? more

breast milk stored in a bag

What Is The Best Way To Store Milk At Work?

I will be returning to work soon, and I will need to pump milk while at work. What is the best way for me to store my milk while I am at work? more

breast pump_2

Will I Be Able To Pump At Work?

I plan to breastfeed for at least one year but I have to return to work after 16 weeks. Will I be able to pump my milk at work? more

pumped breast milk

How Many Ounces Will My Baby Drink Each Day?

How much pumped breast milk will my baby need while I am away at work? more

pumped breast milk

How Long Can I Store My Breast Milk?

What is the best way to store pumped breast milk and how long can it be stored? more

Do you need a breast pump?

Which Breast Pump Is Best For You?

Which pump should you choose? It helps to know a bit about the different makes and models—and to think about how you plan to use one. more

hand expression breast milk

Hands-On Pumping Pumps Up Milk Production

Results of a recent study show that hand expression and breast massage combined with breast pumping did a better job of stimulating milk production than breast pumping alone. Dr. Jane Morton and a research colleague at Stanford University investigated the... more