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nipple shield

Nipple Shields: When & How To Use Them

Breasts and nipples come in all shapes and sizes. Women with small breasts typically make just as much milk as women with large breasts. And most babies, if given the chance, will learn to breastfeed on their mother’s breasts. While... more

breast pump_3

10 Need-To-Know Pumping Tips

Breast pumping experiences vary widely from mother to mother. Some mothers may pump several times a day to provide milk for a baby who hasn’t mastered the art of breastfeeding. Some may pump only once in a while, when they... more

pumped breast milk

When Can I Start Using A Breast Pump?

How soon should a new mother begin using a breast pump and how will pumping affect her milk supply? more

bacteria cells

Is It Safe To Share Breast Pumps?

Is it ever safe to share a breast pump or to use a hand-me-down pump? more

mother and baby_15

How Often Will I Need To Pump At Work?

How often does a mother need to pump at work in order to maintain her supply and have enough milk for her baby? more

breast milk stored in a bag

What Is The Best Way To Store Pumped Milk At Work?

What is the best way for me to store my breast milk while I am at work? more

breast pump_2

Will I Be Able To Pump At Work?

Is every mother afforded the right to pump at work and to store her breast milk at the office? more

pumped breast milk

How Many Ounces Will My Baby Drink Each Day?

How much pumped breast milk will my baby need while I am away at work? more

pumped breast milk

How Long Can I Store My Breast Milk?

What is the best way to store pumped breast milk and how long can it be stored? more

Do you need a breast pump?

Finding The Breast Pump That’s Best For You

Which pump should you choose? It helps to know a bit about the different makes and models—and to think about how you plan to use one. more