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pumps & more

The woes of oversupply

9 Reasons To HATE Pumping & 1 NOT To

Mamas typically have a love-hate relationship with their pumps. more

Woes of the breast pump

10 Best Pumping Tips

Breast pumping experiences vary widely from mother to mother. Some mothers may pump several times a day to provide milk for a baby who hasn’t mastered the art of breastfeeding. Some may pump only once in a while, when they... more

pumped breast milk

When Can I Start Using A Breast Pump?

I am returning to work 6 weeks after my baby is born. When can I start to pump my breasts and how will pumping affect my milk supply? more

bacteria cells

Is It Safe To Share Breast Pumps?

My friend is willing to loan me her breast pump, but I’ve read it’s never safe to reuse a pump. Is sharing a breast pump ever safe? more

Pumping milk

How Often Will I Need To Pump At Work?

I am going back to work after my maternity leave ends. I plan to have the child care provider feed my baby my expressed milk until he is at least 1 year old. How often will I need to pump at work? more

Will I Be Able To Pump At Work?

I plan to breastfeed for at least one year but I have to return to work after 16 weeks. Will I be able to pump my milk at work? more

How Long Can I Store My Breast Milk?

I will be returning to work after my baby is born. I plan to express my milk, so that it can be given to my baby. What is the best way to store it once it’s expressed? more

Which Breast Pump Is Best For You?

Which pump should you choose? It helps to know a bit about the different makes and models—and to think about how you plan to use one. more

IRS: No Tax Breaks For Healthy Eating—Not Even Breastfeeding!

Here’s a question for you: Is breast milk food or a major arsenal in disease prevention? Regular baby gooroo readers—as well as most professional health organizations and countless mothers—know that the correct answer is both. Not according to the IRS.... more

jenn michelle pedini with daughter

Pumping Through Chemotherapy

The image is arresting. The mother and baby snuggle on the sofa. The mother’s hair is shorn; her eyes are closed in a slight grimace. Her shirt is up. Her baby girl nestles against her, one tiny fist softly resting... more