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breastfeeding benefits

baby breastfeeding_29

Nighttime Breastfeeding Boosts Maternal Mental Health

There is a movement afoot in childbirth education and perinatal health urging mothers to avoid nighttime breastfeeding to decrease their risk for postpartum depression brought on by or enhanced by a lack of sleep. However, research has revealed that breastfeeding mothers... more

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10 Most Common Breastfeeding Myths

If you assume that breastfeeding is natural (and it is), it doesn’t take a leap of faith to accept that breastfeeding is easy, or should come naturally. Why, then, do so many mothers describe breastfeeding as hard? In reality, making milk... more


Does Breastfeeding Protect Against Asthma?

Can breastfeeding help reduce a baby's risk of developing asthma? more

Parents advice

Breastfeeding Advice From Other Parents

When you begin breastfeeding, it’s normal to have questions and concerns. The advice in this video helps reassure and remind all parents that breastfeeding is the normal way to feed your baby and has countless benefits for you and your... more

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Are There Benefits To Extended Breastfeeding?

Are there any benefits to breastfeeding my baby beyond the first year? more

mom, dad and baby on the couch

Parents Reveal The Hardest Parts Of Breastfeeding

Every parent has something they find difficult about breastfeeding, whether it’s trouble latching, lifestyle changes, low milk production, or any number of other common problems. These concerns are completely normal and the overall benefits of breastfeeding make the obstacles seem... more

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Why Should Mothers Breastfeed?

What benefits will babies get from breastfeeding? more


Does Breastfeeding Protect Against SIDS?

Will exclusive breastfeeding reduce a baby's risk of sudden infant death syndrome? more

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Making Baby Smarter: Talk, Read, Play

Updated August 11, 2015 Countless products exist claiming cognitive benefits for young children—mostly in the form of educational videos. But there is little, if any, proof that these products do what they claim. Research shows that so-called educational DVDs can actually... more

baby breastfeeding_1

The Economics Of Breastfeeding

There is no shortage of medical experts or studies touting the nutritional and health benefits of breast milk (click here to read how breastfeeding benefits both mothers and babies). It’s well documented that in addition to containing all the vitamins... more