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Amy Spangler

nipple shield

Nipple Shields: When & How To Use Them

Breasts and nipples come in all shapes and sizes. Women with small breasts typically make just as much milk as women with large breasts. And most babies, if given the chance, will learn to breastfeed on their mother’s breasts. While... more

pregnant and a toddler_1

How Safe Are VBACs?

Are VBACs relatively risk-free? more

baby breastfeeding_19

Can I Breastfeed If I Am Sick?

Is it safe to breastfeed my baby if I am sick? What if I am taking medication for the illness? more


NEW Gooroo Starter Kit—ORDER YOURS Today!

The perfect CONGRATULATIONS! gift for that special mom-to-be. The Gooroo Starter Kit contains 11 items packaged in an elegant, white linen gift box—the perfect place to store keepsakes! In addition to one each of our baby soft products—sleep sack (pink or... more

bowl of sugar cereal_1

Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe For Kids?

Is it safe to give a child food containing artificial sweeteners? more

baby breastfeeding_6

Can Breastfeeding Mothers Safely Use Marijuana?

Can recreational or medical use of marijuana by a nursing mother harm her baby? more

baby breastfeeding_11

Baby’s First Breastfeeding

You’ve read the books. You’ve watched the videos. You’ve attended the classes. You’ve anticipated and wondered: “Will I be able to breastfeed?” “Will it be painful?” “Will I make enough milk?” “What will I do if I can’t breastfeed?” Truthfully,... more

pregnant woman texting

Medications: What’s Safe (& Not) While Pregnant & Breastfeeding

Which medications are safe for the baby while pregnant and breastfeeding? more

baby breastfeeding_3

How Do I Manage Plugged Ducts?

Is a small, painful lump in the breast just a plugged duct or something more serious? more

baby breastfeeding_18

Can I Breastfeed If There Is Blood In My Milk?

If a mother's nipples are cracked and bleeding, does she need to stop breastfeeding? more